Our Activities

Integrative Research on Structure and Function of various Leucine-Rich Repeat (LRR)-containing Proteins

  • Identifying novel binding targets for LRR-containing proteins

  • Determining 3D structure of LRR-containing proteins in complex with novel binding targets and their supramolecular signaling complexes using Cryo-EM and X-ray crystallography

  • Investigating the molecular and cellular mechanism of LRR-containing proteins

  • Uncovering the physiological and pathological roles of LRR-containing proteins

Dr. Ah Reum Han was selected as an awardee of the Excellent Poster Awards at Korean Society for Structural Biology 2022.

Latrophilin-2 is a novel receptor for LRG1 that rescues vascular and neurological abnormalities and restores diabetic erectile function. (Experimental & Molecular Medicine, 2022)